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The Man and The Monk

There was a man. He was successful, had a beautiful home, children and everything that a man needs for his perfect life.

His wife loves and respects him. He has 2 sons and a new born daughter. He loves them and they love him.

He has friends. He shared drinks with them shared stories with them. He like any other person wanted every materialistic pleasures. He worked hard for it. He found happiness in those wordly pleasures and was happy in them.

He had experienced almost all emotions but one. He felt incomplete because of it and can’t figure out what it was. How can he experience that one emotion that will make him feel complete.

One day he was putting his daughter to sleep who was now 2.5 yrs old. She had a rose in her hand. She kissed that rose and gave it to her father.

The man, when took the rose, tears rolled down from his eyes. He was experiencing that one emotion; the love of innocence.

To not let that emotion go and to experience it to its fullest he lay next to his daughter and closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he was on a mountain, wearing a Kasaya, feeling frozen tears on his cheeks.

He unclenched his fist and found a rose which looked same as the rose given by the man’s daughter. The monk was feeling complete.

Now the question is:

Was the man in the monk’s dream? Or Was the monk in the man’s dream? Or Was it the same conscious that governed both bodies?

Be the Karma you want to happen to them.

“Karma is a bitch”. We often hear this phrase and wonders if Karma have to be this cruel?

Karma is a cycle

Karma works on one simple law i.e. “you reap what you sow” and sometimes I think that Karma have to be this cruel to get things in order.

If somebody does wrong to you, you have two options either you wait for their Karma to happen or you take matter in your own hand and do something about it, but what if Karma want you to do its job. I mean what if Karma wants you to be their Karma. If somebody does wrong to you and you wait for thier Karma to happen, wouldn’t it be your fault that you didn’t do anything to make that person pay for his deeds.

If that person does wrong thing to other person after doing the same to you, then, don’t you think you are also responsible for that. Karma may include you too in that person’s deeds because you didn’t do anything to teach them a lesson.

An incident happened to me some time ago. I was moving my belongings from my flat to my hometown as I was moving abroad for my new job. I hired a movers and packers and I was doing that for the first time so i didn’t know what precautions to take before hiring a movers. They took the fee with 2000 – 3000 rs extra in the name of insurance policy of some kind from me by saying that I will get the money once they deliver my belongings (p.s. It was my first time hiring a movers and packers and didn’t think about it much back then). They packed my things and loaded in their truck. They delivered my belongings 1 month later saying that they have to collect more stuffs from people to cover their costs. When the driver reached my hometown he talked rudely to my family members, and left my things far from my house and didn’t even care to bring it near my house and believe me they were very heavy cartons.

I couldn’t do much about it as by that time I was abroad. I thought that “Karma” will take care of him.

After 1 year my friend told me that he hired the same mover and packers (not recommended by me) and they did the same thing to him. Although he didn’t gave them the insurance money but his belongings were not delivered to the agreed address.

Then it got me thinking; may be Karma wanted me to do something about it. When I was cheated I should have done something like complained to the local police station or should have gone to his office or atleast should have called and give them a piece of my mind. Then, may be they would have atleast thought before doing it to anybody else.

I felt like I also played a part in their misdeeds that they have done to my friend or many other people before him.

Finally, we called them. Said and heard some bad things. Recorded our conversation. Complained in the police station. Well, not much happened other then a final warning, but atleast he will think before doing it to somebody else.

So the conclusion is: whenever we can, we should Be the Karma that we want to happen to them. If you are waiting for their karma then may be you are part of their next misdeeds. May be the Karma is waiting for you to take charge.

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Sairat: Teenage Lovestory but not a typical one


Sairat is a teenage lovestory Marathi movie directed by Nagraj Manjule starring Rinku Rajguru as Archie and Akash Thosar as Prashant. The whole movie is not a typical lovestory which you can easily find in the pile of Bollywood movies. Its a different type of lovestory. What happens after the “happy ending” of a typical love story? Well, you can find the answer in this movie. How these teenagers face the real world where a girl is not safe with a man too on which she can trust. How they survive and drive their life from hell to heaven.

When the word teenage lovestory hits your brain nerves, you automatically pictured

  • 2 teenagers falling in love.
  • Their families don’t  except their love and try to separate them.
  • Their are three options before the couple
  • they run to different zipcode.
  • Convince their families.
  • Suicide.

But this  movie has something different. The director finished these common things before interval. Now what? should be your question and will be your question. What has left in the story? Well folks, that’s the best part. You have to see this movie till the end to know, and I repeat watch it till the end. Just when you think the story is going to end the director throws another hurdle in front of these characters.

The character of Archie is amazingly played by Rinku Rajguru. The attitude of this girl is amazing. She will not let you lose your interest in this film if you are losing it somewhere. She (Archie) is the daughter of rich and powerful man and the boy(Prashant) is poor. Although the characters are very common but they have something special. You can see the craziness between them for each other, and that’s what the secret ingredient of something special.

If you are thinking that it is in Marathi and how are you going to understand it then don’t worry. Their are copies of this movie available with English subtitle in market or on the internet. I too have seen it with a subtitle. Believe me you will not regret it.

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The Devil and Miss Prym: Suspense with good Storyline


Paulo Coelho

Rating: 8/10

It’s a novel by a Brazilian novelist Poulo Coelho (one of my favourite novelist). This book has a good and different plot and shows how a person has both devil and angel within him, its his choice to choose a side; also how both angel and devil of a person fight each other to take control of the person. If you are looking for a love story type novel then this is not what you should go for, this book has it’s own way of entertaining reader.

The novel is about a village Viscos, forgotten by time with no young blood other than Miss Chantal Prym. A devil comes to their village with an offer to commit a crime to earn 11 gold bars and a chance to fulfill their dreams and make their life better. The story revolves around these villagers and the devil. This is about the battle between good and evil, angel and demon.

It has many beautiful quotes like

  • “We are all the same instincts– Good and Evil struggled between us. It was all a matter of control. And choice. Nothing more and nothing less.”
  • “People want to change everything and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.”
  • “So you see, Good and Evil have the same face; it all depends on when they cross the path of each individual human being.”

The writer took all the possible ways a story could have been and after finishing this book their will not be any unanswered questions, which will leave you satisfied. Their will be some pages where you will feel bored, but the overall experience is good.

The good thing about this writer is that it doesn’t bore you by stretching a single story, it also tells many different stories related to the main story which are entertaing in their own way.

While reading you will have a feeling that Miss Chantal Prym will save old Berta but how, to know that you will have a continuous urge to read the book.  I would suggest to readers that to enjoy the novel at its best, try to connect with the character and you will surely like this novel. It has some deep meaningful things about life that will in some ways inspire you.

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