Why God is called God?

According to hindu mythology, humans have a right to make mistakes and the one who never made a mistake is called God because God never does anything wrong. Then why Lord Brahma, Lord Indra are called Gods?

  • Lord Indra once got angry from the people of Mathura because they were worshipping Govardhan hill instead of him. Lord Krishna conveyed his thoughts to Lord Indra i.e. it is his (Lord Indra’s) job to provide rain and he should not have pride in it and should be calm.


So, if he became angry and also felt pride(which is considered as sin), then why he is a God?

  • When lord Brahma and lord Vishnu had a debate on who is superior, lord Shiva emerged as a ‘ling’ (sign, pillar) and told them that whoever will find the end of this ‘ling’ will be the superior one. Lord Vishnu went to the bottom of earth while lord Brahma flew up to find the end of the ‘ling’. Lord Vishnu came back and told the truth that he couldn’t find the end and he accepts his defeat while lord Brahma came down and said that he found the end and as a proof he brought a flower from its crown. Lord Shiva knew that Lord Brahma is lying and got angry, so he cursed lord Brahma that lord Brahma will not be worshipped from now on.


So, if lord Brahma lied then how come he is considered a God?

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The Devil and Miss Prym: Suspense with good Storyline


Paulo Coelho

Rating: 8/10

It’s a novel by a Brazilian novelist Poulo Coelho (one of my favourite novelist). This book has a good and different plot and shows how a person has both devil and angel within him, its his choice to choose a side; also how both angel and devil of a person fight each other to take control of the person. If you are looking for a love story type novel then this is not what you should go for, this book has it’s own way of entertaining reader.

The novel is about a village Viscos, forgotten by time with no young blood other than Miss Chantal Prym. A devil comes to their village with an offer to commit a crime to earn 11 gold bars and a chance to fulfill their dreams and make their life better. The story revolves around these villagers and the devil. This is about the battle between good and evil, angel and demon.

It has many beautiful quotes like

  • “We are all the same instincts– Good and Evil struggled between us. It was all a matter of control. And choice. Nothing more and nothing less.”
  • “People want to change everything and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.”
  • “So you see, Good and Evil have the same face; it all depends on when they cross the path of each individual human being.”

The writer took all the possible ways a story could have been and after finishing this book their will not be any unanswered questions, which will leave you satisfied. Their will be some pages where you will feel bored, but the overall experience is good.

The good thing about this writer is that it doesn’t bore you by stretching a single story, it also tells many different stories related to the main story which are entertaing in their own way.

While reading you will have a feeling that Miss Chantal Prym will save old Berta but how, to know that you will have a continuous urge to read the book.  I would suggest to readers that to enjoy the novel at its best, try to connect with the character and you will surely like this novel. It has some deep meaningful things about life that will in some ways inspire you.

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